All crystals are geometric

Categories of Crystals

There are six categories of crystals, of course, there are lots and lots and lots of kinds of crystals but no matter how many there are they will always be in one of these categories: 

  • Isometric

  • Tetragon

  • Hexagonal

  • Orthorhombic 

  • Monoclinic

  • Triclinic

For the most part, all of these systems are derived from the hexahedral, also known as the cube.


One of the biggest things about crystals is that they can transmit frequencies. From a metaphysical perspective, we can transmit thoughts and emotions through crystals. You might be thinking that doesn’t make sense, scientifically. Would you believe it if I said that pretty much all of the modern computing technology was based on the living element of crystals? Consider the radio, the first radio was a crystal set, they would cut a piece of quartz crystal and touch a wire to it and the frequencies transmitted through the crystal. 

That's right, a molecular arrangement, of course, is very stable and has a measurable frequency and because of this, it can be used in basic technology. Nobel Prize winner Marshall Vogel discovered that crystals can be reprogrammed as silicon chips in a computer and can also be programmed with the energy of consciousness, he discovered that when a person uses a computer, thoughts are transmitted into the computer by pressing on a keyboard, that information is then stored in silicon chips via the medium of electricity.

Thoughts are a form of energy which can be given direction through what we call intention, he concluded due to this discovery that crystals could also be programmed without the need for electricity by using just thoughts as the informational energy. 

Another interesting find is that quartz is composed of silicon and oxygen, this combination is known to geologists as the building block of all minerals, the living element within crystals is silicon. Science found in the 50s that silicon shows the same principles of life as carbon, exactly one octave down on the periodic table from carbon is silicon. Sponges deep in the ocean made from a hundred percent silicon were also discovered, which shows that silicon life doesn't just work in theory, but they actually exist right here on this planet. 

Let's get this, the Earth's crust itself is made out of silicon, it's 25% silicon, but silicon bonds with just about everything, so the Earth's crust is actually roughly 80% silicon compound, we're literally floating out in the middle of space on a giant crystal ball, the term mother earth never had so much meaning as now as we’ve learned that the entire planet itself is a conscious living being, she's aware of you and everything going on in her body.

The energies within crystals are universal, therefore, when you connect with a mineral and are open to receiving what it has to offer you can contact and synthesize the energies from which the entire universe is comprised, this is why crystals are so powerful, this is why they must only be used to the highest consciousness of the individual, right intention during the use of crystals further serves to connect your personal energy with that of the crystal kingdom, helping you get to a place of love, of light, and the good of all. 

Although each and every one of us has an infinite power of the universe within the self, we as humans always like having that support from something external from us, every crystal form has its own individual energy and its own personality, each can be used in unique ways to assist one in understanding the nature of existence or moving forward on our own life path. I feel that right now as people we are waking up, we're becoming more and more aware of our ancient knowledge and wisdom, part of that information that is returning to us is the nature of crystals. I see crystals as being very monumental in the evolution of humankind, they could provide a lot of love, light, and insight for many who are struggling with their own inner demons in this coming time. Things are getting more and more intense but it's also providing people with the opportunities that they need to raise their own vibrations and frequencies to a level of light and happiness. 

Healing has to come from within, I'm not going to say that if you just get crystals you'll be happier or smarter or heal better, however, think of it like being with a close friend who really cares about you, they will provide their energy and attention to you to help you find yourself in this time of need. crystals are like that, they will give you support if you allow them and open up your heart to the frequencies that they are emitting. 

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All crystals are geometric